Ready to strengthen and solidify your faith? Want to go deeper with Jesus?

If you're tired of falling back in your faith. If anxiety gets the best of you because you struggle to trust God. If you're asking the questions 'where are you God' or 'what is my purpose' or 'why is this happening to me'. If you are fed up of letting life's difficulties weigh you down and crush you. If you want to build an unshakeable faith in Jesus that will help you to conquer anything. This Three (3) Week course is for you. Welcome!


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You will watch two videos a week, in your own time, and share your thoughts and reflections and connect with other women in the private course group on our app.


Live chats

There will be three group Zoom calls over three weeks where we will pray, worship and ask questions or share thoughts on the videos we watched that week.



You will have access to a three-week challenge on our app that will encourage you to put what you learn into practise so that you can see actual growth.


Ready to grow?

This THREE week course is for you if you...

Struggle to stand firm in your faith during difficult moments.


Want to develop your faith in Jesus and to have a deeper relationship with Him.

Want to move forward and mature in your faith.

Feel stuck in your life and unsure about your Godly purpose.

Don't want to do this Christian journey alone.

Want to build an unshakeable faith so that you can be a blessing to others and live a fruitful life.

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Six core topics

This three week course will cover the following topics (two per week)...

One: Who Jesus is and What it Really Means to Follow Him.


Two: What Makes the Bible Credible and How We Read It.

Three: Know and Affirm the Truth About Yourself and God.

Four: The Importance of Forgiveness and Walking in It

Five: Discovering and Developing Your Gifts

Six: The Importance of Church and How to Connect With Other Christians

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It's Time To Go Beyond Your Fears, to Be Brave and Dive In.

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Meet Bianca

I'm a mother of two, a writer and a techie. Encouraging and journeying with others is something I LOVE to do. I wake up every morning excited to watch others grow and am grateful for the privilege to play a part in that!

I created this course because I've met so many women who want to know Jesus but don't know how, feel afraid to take steps forward, feel stuck in their faith and/or don't have people to journey alongside them so they get discouraged often. 

I look forward to really getting to know you as we go through this course and helping you to see real growth and fruit. 

Be brave sis, it will be so worth it!

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