6 Tools for an Unshakeable Faith

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Over the years I've met so many people who want to know Jesus or have been Christian all their lives but just feel stuck. Stuck in a place where they are not seeing growth, fruit or even really experiencing the joy and the freedom God promises His children.

I've been there. I understand.

Just like a baby requires nutrients, education, guidance and love, so do we need spiritual food, guidance and wisdom in order to grow in our faith.

If you are trying to deepen your faith and follow Jesus but feel lost, incapable of being faithful, inadequate or stuck in a cycle of repeating misfortunes, commit yourself to developing these six things, one by one, and you will finally be able to experience the joy of the Lord, be free from your burdens and be a tremendous blessing to others...

ONE: Deeply Comprehending What Jesus Did On the Cross for You

'For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.' 1 Corinthians 1:18

Answer this question honestly:

Do you believe all these things about Jesus...

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died an excruciating death on the cross, to take away your sins so that you could have the right to be called a child of God and have eternal life with Him?

Do you believe that because of what Jesus did on the cross, He took the punishment for your sins, took on the wrath of God that was meant as a just consequence for your sins, and covers you with Him blood, making you righteous and pure?

Do you believe that Jesus is God, part of a triune God (one God, three persons) and that He really walked this earth, was despised, hated, rejected, treated like crap, performed miracles, healed the sick, displayed a love like no other, and then shed all of the blood and water in His human body, suffocated, had all His bones broken, for YOU.

Do you believe that in all history, this event on the cross is THE MOST IMPORTANT AND CONSEQUENTIAL? More than any civil rights movement, any project to help the poor, the victory over the evil instigators of World War I & II, any brave display of human perseverance and will at the Olympics, from Ghandi, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, any political victory, any scientific discovery or trip to the moon?

Don't just say yes. Saying yes when you really don't believe it doesn't help you grow in your faith. Trying to figure out WHY you struggle to believe it WILL help you to grow in your faith. Be honest, and if the answer is NO to any of these, seek Jesus, get help to understand it, open your heart to God and ask Him to show you what it all means. Share your experience in the comments, your doubts, your questions and join the Gritty Faith course where I invite women like you to explore the truth about the cross and go deeper with Jesus, the One who died for you.

TWO: Learning to Love and Read the Bible Regularly

'All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.' 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Answer this question honestly...

Do you love reading the Bible?

God never intended us to blindly feel our way through life. He gave us the Scriptures, written by men of God but inspired but the Holy Spirit, every Word breathed from the mouth of God, conceived, ordered and formatted for the purpose of helping us to grow in our faith, to get to know Him and to know how to live purposefully and fruitfully.

Most importantly, the Bible is a story about Jesus that we must read to be able to understand who Jesus is, and His role in God's plan, to understand our triune God, to understand the role of the Holy Spirit, and to see the bigger picture of what God always wanted for us and how He's taking us back there.

So honestly, do you love reading the Bible? Do you believe it is God's Word and that He wrote it to help you? If your answer is no but you really want to learn to love it there are so many resources online to help you read the Word. Open up the book, read it, ask God to help you understand it. Google anything you don't understand. Buy Bible study books. Or just join the Gritty Faith course where we will explore why the Bible is credible and how to read it yourself.

THREE: Knowing and Affirming the Truth About God & Yourself

'So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”John 8: 31-32

Answer this question honestly...

Do you know who God is and who you are to Him and how to affirm it?

If we learn to read the Word (point 2) we will soon recognise that it is FULL of stories that display God's character, His promises to us and expositions of His love for us. We don't have to look further than the Bible to find these.

Jesus referred to it as 'my word'. The Word is God's ways. The Word is God's heart. The Word is God's goodness written down. If you don't know what the Word says, you don't know who God is or who you are.

And if you do read the Word, do you use it when the enemy attacks or when you are overcome with anxiety or intrusive thoughts? Do you know how to use it as a 'double-edged sword' to cut through any darkness or evil in your life? Aka, do you know how to affirm it?

If you don't know how to use the Word as your sword and defence, now is the time to learn. Don't remain in a place where you are constantly battling your thoughts and finding yourself going full circle, back to that frustrating place. Pick up your Word, learn the truth about who you are and who God is, and speak it out loud. Come practise with us on the Gritty Faith course as we learn how to affirm the truth in the Bible so that we are never overcome by evil thoughts or darkness again.

FOUR: Learning to Forgive Fully and Regularly

'Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.' Ephesians 4:32

Answer this question honestly...

Are you able to forgive freely? Even those who are the hardest to forgive?

Jesus forgave you. You see how all of these six tools are connected? You can't forgive others the way Jesus did, if you don't really believe that He forgave you. If you truly understand what He did on the cross for you, you wouldn't let the bitterness towards others remain and grow in your heart.

Christ loved you and died for you while you were still a sinner, not after you sorted yourself out and did everything He asked. He did it out of love because He knew you were broken and couldn't do it on your own. He knew your heart was aching and that you needed a Saviour.

We forgive others because we know that we are forgiven despite our sins and failings, and because we choose to love the way God loves us -- unconditionally.

If you struggle to forgive, to let go of grudges or disappointment, consider whether you really understand and believe that you are forgiven. Consider whether there's a heart issue you need to take to God. He is calling you to forgive as Jesus forgave you. Come walk in forgiveness with us on the Gritty Faith course to find release and freedom from the bitterness you have held on for too long. Whatever you do, learn to forgive. Practise forgiveness often.

FIVE: Finding and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

'We all have gifts. They differ according to the grace God has given to each of us.' Romans 12: 6

Answer this question honestly...

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are and have you been investing in developing them?

There is no doubt in heaven and on earth that you are gifted. The question only remains as to what your gifts are. As you deepen your faith by doing the things above, your gifts become very apparent and unmissable. You will feel more equipped and empowered to use them. You will become more of a blessing to those around you. You will no longer feel like you're hitting a brick wall because you will be running the right race, in the right lane, with the right training, towards the right goal, and you'll have the power of God behind you and the promise of eternal life in front you.

If you don't know your gifts or believe you are gifted, it's time to explore more of what God has for you because He absolutely has a plan just for you! It's time to stop believing the lie that you are meant to float through life without a purpose. It is time to grasp the promise of a fruitful life and run after Jesus. Sista, be brave, I'm telling you, you will never regret it. We will be talking about finding and developing your spiritual gifts in the Gritty Faith course.

SIX: Connecting to and Being an Active Part of a Church Community

'For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.' 1 Corinthians 12:12

Answer this question honestly...

Are you part of a church and do you serve others there?

If all those who follow Christ are one, don't you want to know the people you are joined to? How do we learn to work together as one body, without doing life together, without committing to serving each other, without learning to love each other sacrificially? These are a few of the reasons we join a church. There are many more incredible reasons for being part of a group of people who collectively worship God together, build each other up, read the Word, celebrate each other's life milestones, support each other in all ways and journey together through the good and the tough moments.

This is what the early church was like and this is what a church should look like, if you are looking for one. It may take time to find the right one for you but being part of a community like this will really help you to flourish. You'll see examples of women living virtuously and you will be so inspired. You will be surrounded by people who love Jesus and it will sometimes feel like you're already in heaven :)

If you are not part of a church or you are but do not yet serve in the church, this is a little nudge for you to step out a bit more, to not limit your Christian experience and growth by staying solo or keeping your gifts to yourself. Find a church, be brave, love the best you can and enjoy this beautiful journey with Jesus. Join the Gritty Faith course and let's explore your concerns and your questions around finding and being a part of a church.


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Wherever you are, whatever you do, know that you don't have to stay stuck. There are people out there, resources out there, churches out there to help you. And there's Jesus, who is pursuing you, who led you to this blog, who is the reason you are reading this sentence and your heart is screaming 'I WANT TO GO DEEPER'. Don't say no sista, I can GUARANTEE that you will never regret it...

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